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  本校獲教育局增設外籍老師之教席,旨為學生設計不同類型的課程及活動。我們的外籍老師Mr. Scott Michael Ridley 來自英國,他曾修讀英文及有關教育之課程,並曾於本地小學任教。希望同學們能多與外籍老師溝通,藉此多聽、多講英語。

NET Scheme at S.K.H. Lee Shiu Keung Primary School

Creating an English-speaking environment enabled students to overcome difficulties in speaking English. Our NETs, Mr. Ridley and Mr. Connor, work in partnership with our experienced English language teachers. Our NETs help students learn English in an authentic English learning environment. In addition, they help develop school-based teaching strategies and curriculum materials and contribute to the professional development of fellow teachers.

Mr. Ridley works with children at P.1, P.2 and P.3 levels, while Mr Connor works with children at P.4, P.5 and P.6 levels. Stimulating and enjoyable activities are conducted to enhance teaching and learning.

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