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  This year, our focus is on speaking. Aiming to boost the confidence and to enhance the speaking abilities of our students, we tailor-made an all-round curriculum for Siu Keungees called 2F 3S:

  • From writing to speaking

  • Flip and ‘English in a Minute’ crossover

  • School-based Literacy Programme

  • Sustained PEEGS for upper primary

  • ‘Speak Out!’ programme

nglish Tuesday Morning Assemblies where students are exposed to various cultures around the world with an integration of moral values. Our NETs take them virtual walks weekly through the screen to learn more about the world.


or ECAs, an array of training workshops are held around the campus to prepare our students to be a confident speakers capable of. handling different situations. Teams are formed, such as​

  • Radio Drama

  • English Musical

  • Ambassadors

  • Interview Training

Studies are always our primary concern. Trainings and assessments are provided to elevate our students’ verbal and non-verbal communication skills, including


  • TOEFL 

  • Cambridge English classes

  • GoAdaptive 

  • Letters to NETs 

  • Sports with NETs 

  • Using apps with NETs 

We aim to enable our students to acquire the language naturally through daily activities.



螢幕截圖 2023-12-21 09.19.15.png
Main Concerns

•   Penmanship Competition

•   Buddy Reading Program

•   Word Hunt Activity

•   English Week

•   LSK Best Students Reward Scheme (D4   Booklet)

•   English Speaking Day

•   Extensive Reading Scheme

•   Reading Bees

•   Inter-class Choral Speaking Competition

•   R.T. / Drama Competition

•   Interview Workshop

•   Interview training

•   Letter to Mr Harper

•   Campus TV / School reporter

•   Hong Kong Speech Festival

Past Activities

  本校獲教育局增設外籍老師之教席,旨為學生設計不同類型的課程及活動。我們的外籍老師Mr. Scott Michael Ridley 來自英國,他曾修讀英文及有關教育之課程,並曾於本地小學任教。希望同學們能多與外籍老師溝通,藉此多聽、多講英語。

NET Scheme at S.K.H. Lee Shiu Keung Primary School

Creating an English-speaking environment enabled students to overcome difficulties in speaking English. Our NETs, Mr. Ridley and Mr. Connor, work in partnership with our experienced English language teachers. Our NETs help students learn English in an authentic English learning environment. In addition, they help develop school-based teaching strategies and curriculum materials and contribute to the professional development of fellow teachers.

Mr. Ridley works with children at P.1, P.2 and P.3 levels, while Mr Connor works with children at P.4, P.5 and P.6 levels. Stimulating and enjoyable activities are conducted to enhance teaching and learning.


English Week
English Cafe.jpeg

  English Week highlights included booth games and inter-class choral speaking competition. The booth games boosted students’ interest in learning new vocabulary and communicating in English.

  The inter-class choral speaking competition improved students’ ability and confidence in speaking English aloud. Both attractions maximised students’ exposure to English.

Interview Workshop
Speaking workshops.jpeg

  To better equip our students for a successful secondary school admission interview, Mr. Connor, Mr. Ridley and the English teachers conducted an interview workshop for P.6 students in December. Through teachers’ demonstration in the mock interview workshop, students learnt about the basics and techniques of interpersonal communication.  Students were able to indicate their strengths and weaknesses through the mock interview workshop. Each of them took turns to be the interviewer, interviewee, and the observer, the experience provided valuable feedback through peer-evaluation.


To improve students’ letter writing skills, Mr. Connor and Mr Ridley wrote a letter to all students at festival days. Most students were eager to reply because they LOVE  the two NETs’ lessons! ❤

Recess Activities 7.JPG

  Hello everybody! My name is Mr. Ridley, and I am the NET Teacher for P1, 2 and 3 this year. I am from the United Kingdom, and I was born in a city called Doncaster. I moved to Hong Kong over 4 years ago to teach and quickly fell in love with Hong Kong. I am trying my best to learn some Cantonese, so I understand how difficult it is to learn a different language, especially one so different to my own! I am excited to teach at SKH Lee Shiu Keung Primary School and getting to know all my students. I enjoy teaching in a relaxed environment and making my lessons fun and enjoyable for my students because I truly believe you learn better in a lesson if you enjoy it!

Mr. Ridley

Recess Activities 4.heic

Mr. Connor

  Hi everyone! My name is Mr. Connor. I am one of the Native-English Teachers here at Lee Shiu Keung Primary School. This year, I will be teaching P.4, P.5 and P.6. I am from one of the biggest cities in the UK called Birmingham. With over 5 years of experience in education, my passion for teaching is as strong as ever. I love coming to school each day to help students learn native-level English and prepare them for the future. In helping students improve their English ability, I aim to make lessons and interactions as enjoyable and as fun as possible. My aim is for students to improve their English ability but also to have fun in the process. I thoroughly look forward to teaching Lee Shiu Keung students this year!

Letter to NETs

    I found great enjoyment in this musical due to my love for drama. It taught me the importance of remaining calm, and I had the opportunity to engage in enjoyable activities like dancing. Performing confidently on stage was a significant achievement for me. As a naturally shy boy, I learned to cultivate bravery and enhance my self-assurance. Also, I met a lot of friends there. 

      (By 4D Majid Sebastian)

  本校本年度舉辦英語音樂劇 – 集合音樂、舞蹈、英語的多元化表演,從而提升學生英文說話演繹技巧,再結合演技、唱歌和舞蹈,全面培養學生藝術潛能。此外,英語音樂劇中的劇本、音樂、歌詞及旋律,都經過老師細心創作編寫,讓學生容易投入及唱頌。我校更期望學生可以透過英語音樂劇好好享受演戲的樂趣,不僅著重表演結果,更珍惜學習過程,包括建立個人自信和勇氣;另一方面,通過與其他演員合作,互助互勉,加強溝通能力及在表演中發揮團隊合作精神,從而讓學生締造一段難忘的回憶。


  I had a wonderful time participating in this musical because it allowed me to form many new friendships and enhance my English speaking skills. I put in a lot of effort to perform well on stage. I was surprised and thrilled when I knew that I had been cast as Cinderella.

       (By 6D Chan Hei Ching)


  It was an incredibly rewarding experience as I learnt to be brave and calm in various situations. I had the chance to meet many new friends and engage in enjoyable conversations with them.  I sincerely hope that more people will join us next year.


    (By 5E Cheung Sham Yi)

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